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These companies were smart enough to get started with Growth Marketing before you did

It's 2021 and companies are still being deserted by what they call marketing.

Hey {first_name},
just kidding

Companies struggle with their marketing strategy almost daily.

As a result, most organisations just rely on sales teams to do their jobs.

You might be thinking; we're not that bad...

So, how come 65% of all companies fail in the first 10 years?

Sure, some businesses were bound to fail from the get-go, but not all of them, right?

Sadly, most companies are still running marketing as if it were 2006 and all emails get answered.

It's killing businesses every day.

The good news: we're here to prevent your company from joining that notorious 65% club.

We pride ourselves in a deep understanding of how B2B companies work. Leading to very effective marketing strategies.

Join the companies that get it right.

All the marketing services and expertise you've come to expect.

Winning brands are implementing innovative strategies to create meaningful customer experiences.
Building a data-driven marketing system that delivers consistent results and ensures long-term growth is key.
Start leveraging unexplored channels, go to market faster than your competitors and maximize results.
Acquire the skills needed to stand on your own feet. Benefit from our done-with-you service and training.

“The fact that they understood our complex business model within minutes was truly instrumental. It shows a great level of expertise.”

Tom van Wees, Managing Director


What's growth marketing?
Where traditional marketing is almost entirely focussed on top of the funnel initiatives, growth marketing is quite the opposite. By taking responsibility over revenue metrics, growth marketers will look at the entire customer journey and will try to optimise every aspect of it.
How does Unmuted work?
You'll get to work directly with a growth marketer. This person will make sure we're working on the right things. With the help of other marketing specialists we'll help you execute on ideas, or, experiments, as we like to call them. These experiments tend to range from building customer acquisition funnels, writing converting copy, implementing marketing automation software, running paid ads, optimising conversion rates, creating content and, well, much more.
Where's Unmuted located?
We're based in Amsterdam. Currently working semi-remote. We meet our customers on Google Meet, Slack and collaborate in Miro and Notion. Our kick-off sessions can be organised in real life, but we try to run our meetings digitally. It saves us both time anyway, right?
Is this something for us?
Yes. Otherwise you wouldn’t have ended up on this website. Just kidding. If you’re a b2b organisation, selling software or other digital products and services with a sales team, we’re your friend. We've helped many companies successfully set up a modern marketing strategy with our unique approach. Get in touch!

Companies like yours work with us to get real results.

Clients served
Growing a business is like sports; it takes time, practice and confidence to master.
Experiments done
Running experiments helps you understand what works and what doesn't.
Objectives hit
Start hitting your business goals and put an end to shameful quarterly meetings.

Tap into a wide range of marketing expertise to grow your business.

Content Marketing
Educate and entertain your audience. Publish blog posts on your website, send cool newsletters and run killer social accounts. Leverage Content Marketing to generate and nurture leads at scale.
Create awareness and lead people to your brand. Using platforms like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and YouTube you can drive relevant traffic to your content and sales pages.
Meet people on Google's first page when they search for solutions you're offering. It's still one of the strongest acquisition channels today. Trying to rank for relevant keywords is a no-brainer.
Marketing Automation
Run your marketing operations effectively and efficiently. Create beautifully automated customer engagement programs by connecting and exchanging data between your CRM and tools.
Optimise conversion rates and maximise results from your marketing campaigns. Make it easier for leads to sign up, get users to use your product more often and close deals more quickly.
Learn how to do it yourself and get your team trained. Our done-with-you approach means we do it together, because real growth should come from within the company.
Understand what's happening with your website, leads and sales. Analytics will help you find out what works and what doesn't, so you can execute smarter and get better results with less budget.
Creative Marketing
Find unique and defensible ways to grow your business. Whether it's starting a podcast, writing inspiring customer stories, building an online tool or using a lead qualification bot.
Stand out from your competitors by leveraging your identity. Your business has characteristics unique to your business only. Finding these will make your story increasingly stronger.

Sometimes you just need a fresh pair of eyes.

Feeling ambitious? Get in touch and talk us through your challenges. You'll know soon enough if you've found your solution.

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Using marketing tools to test new sales funnels, generating leads with paid ads and writing well-performing content.
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